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Writing a book is one of the most tedious things a person can involve himself into. It entails a lot of patience and discipline, as some books could take a number of years to finish. If that sounded tough, you’re in for a surprise. Finishing a book is only the beginning. If you are to venture in a book-writing career and would want it to be your primary source of income, publishing your manuscript should be your first priority. Publishing is where things get a little bit nastier. There are a number of publishing facts that may discourage you in pursuing your writing. For instance, 70% of books that are published do not earn their advances back and that 70$ of books hardly make any profit. Pretty scary, when you’re really after the book profits rather than realizing your life-long dream of being a best-seller author, right? And with about 2 million books published every year, a whopping 95% of it gets rejected. But a good thing about this is that 125,000 books are published every year. One of those could be yours.


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Obviously, not everyone succeeds in the field of publishing. You should be ready to sacrifice some of your book content, be ready for painstaking revisions and a thousand discussions with your publisher. So why go through all of that when you could up your chances of having your book published with half the effort in half the time? In publishing, you need all the help you can get. The earlier you get it, the better. And this is exactly where we come in. We are a group of multi published authors equipped with years of publishing experience who offer our manuscript editing expertise to budding writers, who would want to be a part of the published authors’ circle. Specifically, we provide services with regards to the book manuscript editing and revision processes of a manuscript. We specialize in a number of genres including general fiction, romance, mystery, YA, et cetera. Though time-consuming, complete editing is a necessary step in publishing. We utilize our skilled manuscript editor specialization in editing and revision to lessen, if not eradicate, most errors in your manuscript, ensuring that your work is published in no time. Getting our services ensures that your manuscripts will end up close to, or if not, perfect. Our team specializes with a number of services such as proofreading, providing an editorial letter and line editing on the manuscript’s structure, plot, characters, sub-plots, voice and style, consistency and grammar. We edit your work on a per chapter basis, so you need not halt your writing as we edit. Line editing fees are individually priced. A definite final price will be quoted once a sample chapter is done and submitted. Acquiring our team’s services will definitely be an edge on your part and will be to your advantage. With the guidance and assistance we will provide you with editing and revising your manuscripts, getting published is no longer a dream but a reality in the making.